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Если бы у Императора был преобразователь текста в речь. Эпизод 12.5 Вопросы: Ужасные Ответы

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Если бы у Императора был преобразователь текста в речь. Эпизод 12.5 Вопросы: Ужасные Ответы

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I am the Emperor for millennia have I stirred and across life carefully watching as the scene of what is to come has risen from its earthly Pharaohs into the starlit sky this known as mankind I have existed along from the time of my birth I'd let the seed grow I nurtured it did my best to have it remain healthy and secure but as it kept on growing I could not keep up I could not cover but could only watch from afar as its health deteriorated and vegetation grew leave as I entered into the realm of the half life the only thing I could experience was despair my work that I had driven to construct for such a long time had been obliterated but a mere moment mankind by one's pure seed had fallen into the hands of sheer corrosive and preposterous prudence and at no other time has this been displayed as intensely as this very moment because holy fucking shit these questions are the worst hutton should I have ever read whatever became of mankind.

Now I don't let me remind you you were the one I came up with this idea in the first place that's your fault because you have been formed me well enough about how incredibly disgustingly fucking idiotic mankind has become I mean I just thought you were a special case now this makes me so sad. Maybe you just misread or something I mean these questions could have been that bad besides walkies my late father he at recess he fucking go ahead let me pull out through these one more time before I actually pass out and fall off his fucking chair all right let's see this message is from water out deny me he.

Says and he says.

Why Krong loves berries I have no mouth and I must early alright. Fucking next question this one is from one Joseph Lyons he asks my seagull Emperor mankind won't send your sentence will you buy to rule once more we bring mankind back properly it reminds of Israel majesty I wish you love the first meal something tasty I bet you get to ask one question a question that could be whatever even philosophical inquiry that dwells inside the perplexing and winding wonders of the human mind that you could potentially come up with and you asked about fucking food then again I probably should not judge since the Imperium clearly is some kind of bureaucratic police state driven through ignorant an idiocy nowadays so it is only natural for your regular RG world peasant will they ever think about food as for an actual answer to that question I probably go for some tacos next questions from long cold demon frylock. What kind of a school parents name their child demon Primark fucking seriously it's like they want their child food Lee lynched and burnt on a stick by the brainwashed messages I kind of nice anyway ask the question mighty Emperor this is what a simple question I will answer will say really a single Guardsmen to strike force during on Google above its flagship the legends tell of Elias pious doing some deed aboard that accursed vessel the system horses down from tremendously he must be referring to that one regular old imperial soldier that stepped in front of fucking horse when he was about to have finished me off after he had used some dirty chaos contrivance 'as to hunt me down on the ground for being a regular human Batman had such Titanic fucking balls that I want to clap my hands vigorously just thinking about it it is too bad that he was literally obliterated out of existence by force after making that self was added it's also too bad that I lack the hands to applaud a level typically from that point on and asked Artemus Terminator and the cusp Odie's did the exact same thing right after to prove that they were just as cool and selfless as that glorious bastard I mean can't you immortal super humans of death and destruction like the regular Joseph it's one thing come on man Oh Eddie thought he saw like I was long behold some Theresa fruits up funding you nothing but his life welcome to day that allow your sky anyway next question this one's from some of you sign yourself up as the Rex will rise again bad person sounds Michael KITT enthusiasts asks I don't can laugh too.

Thirty-two six ask your blessing his relationship will fold in perhaps on you complete your went way you create peace these two races deathless was need to fight I do hope this person realizes that the Eldar look at mankind like we would look at a primate to them we are uninvolved beasts thinking and very simplistic thought habit and only using the most simple of tools so to put it short this tall here is basically into bestiality and is a sick fuck that will get all kinds of nasty interspecies STDs and will most likely kill half for craft world because of it so yes you have my blessing Wow merciful told you to battle you be downright heretics in that question and you know how I feel about that now don't you I suppose so it's not like I'm scared to death if I upset over nothing oh okay sorry I didn't have emotions.

Anyway next question this was from someone named Prince hello he asks what happens your left eye this is actually something I don't even know myself and it's still fucking infuriates me why do now I only have this visor on one of my eyes when both of them have obviously rotted away millennia ago seriously what is its purpose I didn't even put in here actually I kind of the answer well after we assaulted you all haste was the golden throne after battle of Horace Roebourne instead we managed to poke your eye out with his giant lion hello the whole sharp pointy being in a shaky cooler at home I'm going to teach that boy a fucking lesson in how to not poke people's eyes out while wearing giant sharp arms when I get off his drone my old Rugel doors dead valve isn't fucking stopping I am surprised anyway next question is from great nice one oh boy a message from the prodigies of the silver baby carrier yes are you go to set Drake's Rehab duties help but we already decreed that nervously equals issue it will be rehabilitated did that galaxy-wide message will actually get any more I've been a just neglect mail they consider bad like most feedback of Oh big fucking snowflakes that exist in the galaxy I'll have to rehash and create new means of getting the message across one which cannot be negated why impreza toriel spam filters living on next up a couple of questions sentence warriors on that way from planet earth kona apparently first one is from mark ilaria he asks what is your favorite color isn't a fucking obvious same question from a Korean is from Peter ah he asks what he think of me well Carol I approve of him and his team and he should continue to do what he is doing because he's doing an excellent job sorry my lord the outlet he's the outcome this is 4th degree wardrobe fuckery none of you are concerned okay right that's just what Chaplin does Larry's a chaplain you say good I assign chaplains to hold Marines in line and the a staunch and serious about their duties as possible I have high expectations with this question yes why can't we all just be Francis off Isaac how it goes I made my mistakes got no wrong the.

Night goes on as I fade away I'm sick of.

This lie I just want us how would you lose.

Next question is dear Ephraim can you still I'm a skeleton so right.

About as much as you use your brain you fucking half-wit next question dear Abra well you the CPA 999 layer 41. At the end of the year just like every fucking year next year ever I thought by thinking Pleasant thoughts about your inevitable demise next Trevor what is the nicest name let's see probably the intricate instance of this fucking question next year I ll make more times than the entire fucking population of your planet you rattling penetrator Mexican Electra was it family love the Sultan sorry not war so did you have sexually confused feelings for him I am deeply disgusted by you and I hope you explode in fact.

Oh next my lord.

It's like someone who actually answer any questions now I mean the dolls are singing right no but in case someone is I hope they filled what not full round about now of course there could be disease Imperial Palace let me down again here okay well moving on them alright very much I think this one is from more colors are wolf who says oh glorious emperor we shed thy wisdom with your most loyal servants is there such a thing as enough taco while I have for the Xena Stern a for seems to be talking about about how they'll they'll be other lit well say you mind at the point in time when bullets can pass through the interdimensional walls when firepower takes up the entirety and eternity of space and time all being stuck in a never-ending life and death cycle as bullets recover and destroy their bodies in quick succession no unable to think about anything but the sheer force of the bullets rapidly flying literally everywhere in the material turning the warp itself into nothing but a sea of semi-automatic weapon ring then there will be enough deca or at least almost wastrei the work word for rapid firepower and multi laser masturbation 18 watts know that next question is from pretty much everyone seriously there is a giant mouse or messages that he is just this one question and it kind of disturbs me that so many have made it dear Emperor what is your.

Opinion or that's how never heard of them I think as much so what are they and well there's some minuscule penis race low capable the eastern fringe of galaxy they realize my breakfast and Dark Eldar sir it's not really worth talking about why would so many people send in messages about the miniscule see no race located on the eastern fringe of the networks but they aren't even a threat advice for this is find a small species the town may also be overcompensating with a high-tech weaponry that's how femur sat in the seat of us for erasing goods I'm sorry you wouldn't despite being such a small species they have most rapidly fancy technology and Gaussian also these they have really really big hair guns but you usually sat on a little fold oh really that's what I thought I think we all talk more about this later still got more stupid questions to answer yes II like this one from Sookie Suika Ibuki probably from all those fucking tell us who asks situate no longer function properly how about melting the golden furnace undress over a heightened so you can kick ass again don't you think that if I actually had that choice I would have made it already I think you're not taking into account that the entirety of Tara will be swallowed by a giant portrait and everyone will fucking die if either right or the golden throne would be this place that makes it not worth it but only buried now next up is a question from someone who entices himself as the fresh what a fucking nerd he says hey shit 1vl my brother's a Ryu terrible shitty fan excited and prayed Russian bedtime stories you know Santeria it's kind of been a dream of this and this is a year iPhones to be nice actually alright fuck it I'm a motherfucking improvement set out some Terran escorts to wherever the fuck those guys and pick them up so they can be converted into my personal bedtime story readers but they are so insistent on doing my Centurion hasn't been able to sleep that well for the last couple of days anyway I feel this is a perfect opportunity to continue my plans with the Reformation of the Imperium by making some people actually become useful that's not an excellent idea my lord I've had shackles on here done now mess up the question someone call dr. Weiss he asks where his possibilities of his fucking nostrils Mexico hole all right this one is from someone happy' known as your and cosmos he asks CSI bailey dictates the diversity is the most efficient way of life exists why are you trying to survey all other life except humanity I'm not trying to exterminate all other life but rather keep it under some form of control Zeno's are often violent untrustworthy as they are out to maximize their own idea of peace unhappiness in the galaxy for their own separate species in their own individual ways a human idea of peace and happiness is to have the galaxy taken over so life can thrive without Wars poverty nor petty hatred all living in a bright and tranquil future as was mankind's birthright compare that to the Eldar who want to take over so they can engage in fuck loads abroad unfiltered pianistic super origins again without getting into trouble or the necrons who want to take over for the purpose of sucking the souls out of all living things and going back to sleep again or the orcs who just want to fight forever and make nothing of their lives and let's not even get into those fucking tear endings who just want to read the whole galaxy and then who run to the next how I would be ok.

Would see no laces living in harmony with us that they didn't have such fucked up goals and our galaxy bus without C no life exterminated or under regulation this is not an efficient way for human lives to exist as it will only get stabbed sliced jump and numbed to death who not in a sense anyway next we have UNICEF our dear Emperor was ice with the unfuckable current safely Imperial I think it would be a given well silver security wagon is something here school for your own glory and rice the gold front well I have a pretty big to-do list but it's a start I would do these things in this exact order first scratch my everything second rolled around on the Florence passing violently third take a shower fourth punch everyone in the face and fifth tell everyone to never ever ask stupid fucking questions again all right this this will be the last one I need to take a break and let my agony stabilize for a moment that's fair a finals you know I feel uh anyway.

This loss from someone called Magma's dear Almighty God Emperor of mankind if you want to be able to stop believe you're a god why the heck you might have worn a golden armor real a fiery sword amaze it glow pretty much all the time and have other things of that nature seriously now you can set a custom a single say you havin a look just because I want to wear one a go downward wield a fiery sword himmat aglow pretty much all the time and other things of that nature doesn't mean I want we worked upon is a God I'm not the one who needs to be taught not to dress like a god you're the ones who need to be fucking taught that considering people to be God's dependent on how they look is wrong besides my head designer thought all the flashy golden bits really brought out the color of my eyes I have a sunny go la la la oh yes people have got some serious bleep with a new man calling us God some shit even though I am the only one who has the real rights to that claim additionally I'm happy that you at least enjoy the privilege of wearing you are fucking Armor you and me life hey well I guess that wraps up this one line that yes perhaps we will read to some more questions at some other point if I'm feeling incredibly masochistic everybody else could you possibly Tommy the glasses sound Elsa August let me think greetings brothers alphab yousa here thanks for watching it has now been a year since the first episodes release and through these past twelve months it has become the biggest thing I have ever made which I am incredibly happy for in addition I've reached 20,000 subscribers which is just fantastic hey when I give you a big spine breaking fucking power hug seriously now I'd like to make some shout outs to people I think deserve your recognition if you do not mind first off I'd like to dedicate this video to two friends of mine which are Ella thoughts and earned ill who were both born on this very day which come to think of it makes me feel kind of bad because instead of making a birthday video for them I decided to upload the first episode it takes to beech device last year huh anyway I've known Erdal since early 2011 late 2012 somewhere around there he is an incredibly dedicated person who has helped me with countless of tasks throughout these years every helpful guy and you should totally go and Commission him for some creepy paint pictures because he goes unchallenged in that this series he boys the grand provost marshal and hopefully he'll help me with some more voice work in the future then we got elephants the inheritor the only person ever who I will actually consider worthy of carrying the nave of an already established character in the 40k universe I'm sorry everyone else I want to shine an especially bright skin burning lluvia spotlight on his chaotic face because he needs more recognition he has been around since the birth of the Alpha Legion but he has mostly kept in the shadows providing the occasional picture and video which I always finish fantastic he has helped me a lot three years has always been friendly and accepting of people always got fun and surreal sense of humor which I love and yeah that doesn't sound a lot like Elvis does it but you don't know he could be the best waffle dangling bill Gandhi was born her taking the galaxy just as well it's not like the blood Ravens provided much information other than he's a bald guy with a changing voice anyhow he has never really gotten the recognition that he deserves just like Carl I made a video before but since I was going to release this video today anyhow I thought I'd just as well give this massive shout out to Elif as I would like you guys to go to his deviantART account because he uploads a lot of really nice 40k stuff yard work frequently and he gets better and better every time he does it and you should go and check him out you can also check out his youtube channel he makes stuff similar to mine and he has done so for a very long time I don't really remember right now but it's 90 for a very long time and it's just great to see him evolve in that field as well and he's also working on a game for you guys so go and check him out fucking do it so yeah thank you guys for watching again I love you you better remember that bye bye

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