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Александр Шевченко Шаг веры Вопросы-Ответы

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Александр Шевченко Шаг веры Вопросы-Ответы

Александр Шевченко Шаг веры Вопросы-Ответы Важный и ценный момент в духовной практике именно сделать Шаг веры. Можно быть решительным,а можно быть робким и есть люди теоретики,никогда практически не сделали шагов, а есть другая группа людей, они делают шаги и имеют опыт, но иногда ..

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0:07 important friends continue our broadcast 0:09 and now we get down to it matters 0:12 which came in the last 0:13 days and I try them priests 0:15 temple answer my comprehension measures 0:18 and I want to warn you that today 0:21 ether is particularly rich in information 0:23 because it is the final score in the last broadcast 0: 262014 year 0:28 and we'll tell you a lot about 0:30 that what has been done during the year 0:32 thanks to you, thanks to the efforts 0:34 but many people and from our 0:37 something that any plans for the fifteenth year 0:41 we understand that the issues people 0:44 left, and they require that m 0:47 her decision 0:49 people are looking for answers to their questions yes 0:51 because I just want to say here so that 0:53 topic called a step of faith 0:55 is very them 0:56 important extremely valuable time 1:00 and spiritual 1:01 practice 1: 0 and Dey is a step 1:05 is a step 1:06 that is, if a person remains free in 1:09 its 1:10 will zyavlenie their desires 1:13 in their decisions 1:14 And so 1:16 For God so ordered defined by side 1:18 that a person can be determined 1:20 can be courageous and can 1:22 to be timid and fearful 1:24 and 1:25 Many people even in my environment 1:27 are just such people Athletic 1:31 almost never made any 1:33 steps 1:34 there is another group of people who 1:36 vice versa 1:37 they make steps in a different direction 1:40 they rush to extremes in one direction then 1:42 to another 1:43 and it also can not be called a step of faith 1:47 this is not a fetus 1:49 broken disappointed people 1:51 And if the first group remain essentially 1:54 place mostly they just replenish themselves 1:56 knowledge but no knowledge and that 1:59 is fundamentally different from the one 2:00 another 2:01 that is, in the first group have no experience 2:04 none at all they are only theorists even 2:07 theology even in the Gospel 2:09 even the Christian church life 2:11 there is another group of e 2:13 a great experience but it is also no experience of faith 2:17 because experience can be different 2:19 humans 2:20 variety of experience and bitter experience of the fall 2:23 disappointments 2:24 right now, but last trip people stories 2: 27to one heresy then climbed to the other extreme 2:29 climbed person is all about 2:31 and he has a lot of experience 2:33 life but I would not want to collect such 2:36 experiences 2:37 as part of its case in a personal union 2:40 case 2:41 that's why 2:42 thinks foothills assume that we 2:45 mean by 2:46 step of faith 2:48 seeing how interesting it 2:49 The Apostle James explains about 2:52 and right so that you promote faith 2:55 for divas 2:57 decorated faith made 2:59 perfection that is, as one would something else 3:01 pushing one another swings 3:04 if the rank was only if it has not been 3:07 case it does not place the same yak says 3:09 Can such faith save even someone 3:12 Can such faith 3:13 is generally called the Board 3:15 Can we say that does not trust 3:17 suggests Affairs 3:18 no we can not then there is an elementary 3:20 just here there is no deep 3: 22filosofiya 3: 23esli I believe that today it will rain 3: 26i sure to take an umbrella 3: 27ET my work of faith 3: I do not believe 29esli 3: 31ne projected not Hydrometcenter 3: 33to probe I do not take it too much for nothing but brown-haired 3: 36taskat for a 3: 38vot that is, it is so 3: 39vzaimosvyazano 3: 41chto of faith proves the existence of 3: 43nichto else proves the existence of 3: 46vera as a step that makes faith 3: 48chelovek 3: 49esli faith and again received a revelation 3: 51tom that has not been seen 3: 53on went 3: 54rubit trees cut trees he went 3: 56stroit Ark 3: Day 57c which can be 3: 59zasomnevalsya or west to mature that 4: 02mozhet be it's not quite so 4: 05on would at least pause to postal 4: 07stroitelstvom to at least stopped 4: 10no whatever he did not have no sense of logic 4: 12delat then what you do not believe 4: 14net sense to invest in the 4: 16biznes that you do not believe 4: 19And the idea that many ceased to believe in 4: 22otkroveniya divine word of God because Froch 4: 25chto faith 4: 25vot words by hearing the word of God 4: 28on Whatever made 4: 30potomu I want to go back to the application 4: 32apostola Jacob but he said that the case 4: 35a judges from poplar and Averin 4: 39a and works was faith made 4: 42sovershenstva 4: 43to there as there 4: 46chelovek case 4: 48deystvoval 4: 49i is 4: 51eti action is action that 4: 53delal and you 4: 54imenno these actions 4: 56a sorry for his faith 4: 58potomu that God proved that he 5: 00stoit at his word man strengthened its 5: 02dveri somehow passed battery 5: 05ot vera berg 5: 07ukorenyalas and I may say so doors 5: 10ya seen a lot of some people 5: 12govoryat that here there is a belief in the promise 5: 14dopustim this occupation who are sixth 5: 16sleduet cling yes 5: 18vot check promises more 5: 20and so on and so forth believe a word 5: 22bozhie 5: 23nevozmozhno believe but 5: 25b what that particular promise as a whole is not 5: 28veruet in God 5: 29my talking about faith in God 5: 31obratite attention to it please 5: 34potomu believe what the Bible says Abram 5: 36bogu 5: 37i it was charged with everything in correctly 5: 39eto very important point we often want 5: 42byt and confess just promise 5: 43dveri not believe doubt 5: 45zdes issue in relations 5: 47naskolko deep relationships 5: 49mezhdu man and God 5: 50naskolko man is firstly 5: 52poluchil this promise from God 5: 54neposredstvenno because as early 5: 56neposredstvenno 5: 58pod heard 5: 59chto we hear from God 6: 00ni one letter no data and not on 6: 03sredstvam if you pay attention to 6: 05obetovanie side which gave individual 6: 08lyudyam in the history of this God gave 6: 10otdelnym people if the names are known 6: 13to there is not a common concept kakieto 6: 15zayavlenie 6: 16eto were more specific statement of the 6: Abram 19zhe it was stated but not 6: 21prishli 6: 22stranniki angels in the face of strangers yes 6: 25hussar and a son at the same time 6: 27sleduyuschem year will be under debt Sarah 6: 29bolnitsy them 6: 30ponimaete specifics 6: 32segodnyashnie many Christians do not 6: 34imeyut this specificity 6: 35ih relationship with God does not require such 6: 38etaky relationship 6: 40a people want the result of currency 6: 42hotyat call it right 6: 44potomu is not very subtle points 6: 46dolzhna present 6: 47konkretika which can only be 6: 49mezhdu God and between man and then 6: 51vera appears then the results of the then 6: 54ezdil and faith is 6: 56a other words, we like that we want 6: 58no somehow mystical 6: 59magicheskim way to obtain the desired 7: 02poluchat what the results are all like that 7: 04budet mechanically what the formula 7: 06kakie total people sitting with crayons 7: 08zapisyvaet Anna seminar 7: 10kak if separate individuals 7: 13pomazannik not know what that 7: 14sekrety how it all works like this 7: 17mehanizm works 7: 19na fact if we talk about 7: 21aktualnosti and secrets Mott 7: 23vot they all depends on the relationship with 7: 25bokov 7: 26na direct direct 7: 27otnosheniya with God 7: 28chelovek God and each other 7: 30i when I interviewed say 7: 32dazhe people like me and Yevgeny Polishchuk 7: 34dannym closely said 7: 35esli not personal testimony is 7: 37byla paralyzed you probably know yes 7: 40H and then could it means 7: 42protsent she says if it was not personal 7: 44moment if not personal testimony 7: 46zdes no prophecy will not help 7: 48nezhelanie many people no collective 7: 51molitvy here helps me 7: 533 3 can be tense 7: 54to have it outside possible 7: 57eto what people call a miracle 7: 59eto from the possibility of God 8: 01to that we have can not be a man 8: 04to God that is possible because 8: 06zdes like a human 8: 07podrezanie 8: 09my not have impossible to please God 8: 10tolko furious 8: 11bez faith impossible to please God that 8: 14sobiraemsya go 8: 18chto we can offer him such that he 8: 19chtoby please them 8: 21potomu Bible concludes 8: 23chto 8: 24odno thing God is unfit 8: 26vera remember as disciples and asked 8: 28hrista 8: 29rub what do we do to do the works 8: 31bolshe 8: 31on feed to the work of God in the air 8: 34avarii 8: 35togo whom he sent 8: 36no faith is a very interesting point and 8: 39kogda we talk Arshavin and faith Sade 8: 41very this is a willful decision people 8: 44no I said about it is that it should 8: 46opiratsya on the shore 8: 47to have a person can not drink above 8: 50snegirev to step 8: 51on acquire experience but no experience, etc. 8: 53a very bitter experience 8: 55esli to the doctor crossed the threshold 8: 57lodki stepped 8: 59na meeting Christ 9: 00ne having a heart 1 9: 02on would immediately began to sink 9: 04noty operas went Bible says wait 9: 07to there are certain steps that he 9: 09uspel can make many steps he us 9: 11neizvestno 9: 12no there so it is said that he walked on the water 9: 15to have a certain time he walked on the water 9: 17OH witnessed witnessed other 9: 19lyudi were Kyritz 9: 21no when he saw that he gave a wave 9: 24to have a person who grew up by the sea 9: 26kotory childhood year fish caught 9: 28on raises are we all understand perfectly 9: 30chto given day keeps the man realized that 9: 32vokrug storm 9: 33rd including natural mayor 9: 35perezhivaniya fear he began to panic 9: 37tonut 9: 37to a miracle stopped miracle here 9: 40ravno exists exactly to the extent 9: 42i exactly up to that time 9: 44pozhar repeat it exactly to the extent and 9: to the extent 46rovno 9: 48poka what their actions 9: 5015 miracle directly tied quits 9: 53vysvobozhdeniem great power of God 9: 55blagodati but directly tied books 9: 57patrulya this is not something that is disposable 10: 00my once already believed in the Lord 10: 01iisusa Christ 10: 02teper we have a measure now we all like 10: 04by mechanically receive 10: 06evro it is absolutely absolutely Juan 10: 09privyazana 10: 10kak voice 10: 11ponimaete voice is not even the word because 10: 14slovo can write letters 10: 16c biblical Kvetnoy mass text description 10: 19kotoryh say a voice 10: 21 and the voice we answer the letter because 10: 23golos tie personality 10: 26ponimaete 10: 28We treat these and listen to my voice so it was with all 10: 31rozhdennym from the spirit and hear his voice 10: 33togda summer like 180 hands will not 10: 35ostanavlivatsya 10: 38ya right now perestuplyu specific topics 10: 41voprosam that came as far as I 10: 43mogu as I understand it, I certainly 10: 45otvechu 10: I 46potomu 10: actually 47na uniquely white 10: 49chto 10: 50n m mechanism 10: 53esli so to speak in the mechanism 10: 55tot then what we have someone that we are trying as 10: 59to touch our 11: 00soznaniem mind the noise figure and move 11: 03obyasnit 11: 04v our own relationship with God 11: 06etot mechanism he really 11: 07rabotaet 11: 08eto unbearably no one is cheating 11: 11nikto nobody 11: 12ne tries 11: 13obolstitelya I'm not going 11: 15vnushat it really 11: 16prakticheski it works there, and it 11: 19rabotaet 11: 20and it can be 11: 22ponyat can be learned can be practiced 11: 25First survey came from Andrew guzul 11: 28on writes Alexander and why 11: 30dve steering we do not get it 11: 33chto about everything 11: 35a how to understand what is the reason 11: 38kak not disappointed as 11: 40a whole life of continuous testing as the sky 11: 43budto closed and yang and the sense of God in 11: 46takih circumstances 11: 46verit if no feedback 11: mp 51oao Andreev 11: 52no we are now talking about the fact that 11: 55takoe Yar 11: 57my talking about the fact that 11: I'm glad 59chto in itself it does not exist you 12: 02boites break faith 12: 04no new English though his faith he 12: 09B choir you 12: 10ee 12: 11n Thule check whether they but the percentage 12: 15m so to speak 12: 17a but her presence checks scheme 12: 20razmer matter how obtained 12: 22rezultat 12: 23ponimaete your faith it is bound to 12: 25obstoyatelstvam 12: 26krisu stages and this too is a thought I have not 12: 29sporyu 12: 30nu Look calls and I say 12: 32razvivayus faith 12: 33vy say I can not stand I'm afraid 12: 36razbit Sergei yes 12: 38posmotrite apopo became Paul Otto writes 12: 42chto but he can not will be allocated for us 12: 44poluchit from the love of the cross of Jesus 2 12: 47i lists soon acid must be there in a year 12: 51siloy what is this spiritual Angela 12: 54it 12: 54nastoyaschee future then there are lots of factors 12: 56kotorye 12: 58kakie mysterious way 13: 01napravleny aimed at that person 13: 04pod wall beams of God's love 13: 07to have Skoryk it can separate you 13: 09kak love of God divides people 13: 12razvivaya man prays in sorrow 13: 14trudnostyu what that is, the test 13: 16molyatsya 13: 17 and not getting the desired or 13: 20potrebnogo even some time certain 13: 23ne gets it remains in need 13: 25on remains 13: 27b of the situation and can not get out of it and 13: How much is the same 29konechno 13: 32 As he tries to convince the person 13: 35b is that God does not hear you 13: 38to there is not interesting 13: 39chto you many times about this Oliseh 13: 41to have this fight it as it is as 13: 44kak 13: 46kak a spiritual encounters with one 13: 49storony you and believers 13: 50c on the other hand results 13: 52i just asking you to believe and why 13: 55bolshe his bruise and 13: 56ili or the promises of God 13: 58tebe just hurt you fall once 14: 01raz you hard 14: 02a what I want to say here as I understand 14: Paul that 05apostola 14: 07on said that all of these factors are 14: 10on lists 14: 11ne can separate us from the love of God in 14: Jesus 14hriste 14: 15potomu that the Apostle Paul 14: 18viziroval 14: 19bolshaya independently of the love of 14: 23kak changed circumstances 14: 25potomu that the circumstances 14: 25peremenchivaya 14: 28bozhy nature of God and nature, and boxing 14: 31and love unchanged 14: 33prosto God pursues other purposes, we often 14: 37hotim change in its environment 14: 39osnovnom that's what you're Andrew 14: 42b mainly wind clear your interest 14: 44eto changed circumstances 14: 47bolshy interest no matter how 14: 49kak anyway God's interest in change 14: 51cheloveka 14: 52za account the circumstances 14: 54kak anyway 14: 55bog interested in man 14: 59po truly a man 15: 01zainteresovan in God not in the present 15: 03chelovek interested in more 15: 05kak all 15: 06chtoby greater force 15: 08pochinit 15: 09B their own interests are we 15: 11no do anything about it 15: 13buba without us easily beat him blue mail us 15: 16nikakoy use any profit they 15: but he 18dostavlyali 15: 20prishel our world 15: 21stradal for us and now suffers 15: 24sovmestiv us 15: 26potomu that we present 15: 27predstavlyaemym value 15: 29I when you said it, I is not ashamed 15: 31povtorit 15: 32esli to me that something happened tomorrow I 15: 34kasalsya wheelchair 15: 37i sorry but that's the same are already subtleties 15: 39tam not be cluster knocked me java 15: 42perestal something 15: 43voobsche says to think smart 15: 45i I used in the past month I have two weeks would have lost 15: 49interes all people 15: 51ya anyone is not needed 15: 52eto clear 15: 54my needed because we have to take that 15: 57tabu we need 15: 59i I'm sure of that because interest 16: 01nichego from us there is absolutely nothing 16: 05on simply we love 16: 07i we as people of innovation 16: 09predstavlyaem where its value 16: 11poetomu here canvases Andrew that we are now 16: 13govorim 16: 15vy are looking for solutions to problems 16: 18a I think if I must ask 16: 20iskat god himself 16: 22to have when we seek God, regardless of 16: 25obstoyatelstv it 16: 26predstavlyaet whether we value then 16: 28deystvitelno god 16: 31c some point may vary 16: 33obstoyatelstva because they 16: 34posluzhat in the cloud to approach for quality 16: 37boga quest machines 16: 38vashey situation 16: 40konechno not know the subtleties of my answers 16: 42ochen common 16: I do not know the 43rd feature 16: 44no it he might be the consequences of what that 16: 47konkretnyh sins 16: 48i can it be that is, a consequence that 16: 51chto follows the 16: 53togo people what to do, I hope that 16: 55etot plan does not apply now 16: 57a but 17: 00A another moment another moment Andrew 17: 02kak I have now asked for one in Turkey 17: 04chelovek not clear yes or approached Turks 17: 07cherez interpreter did not ask a question 17: 08imen brother disabled 17: 10ya ask healed 17: 12ili not settle brother 17: 14voobsche there is the probability that a 17: 16protsent my brother Isa persons 17: 19And 17: 19H I like answering questions here 17: 23otvechaet so that we have the choice of one of two 17: 26ili 17: 27my have 17: 29a accept 17: 31ili we do not accept the Torah and the circumstances 17: 35nas surrounds it is very important 17: 36psihologichesky time 17: I do not accept 38esli 17: 40togo that I still can not change 17: 42vy rub understand you can not go against the 17: Srna 44poezdom stronger than you 17: 46on immediately increased from native face 17: 48svoego way 17: 50to opponent has to suffer the proton 17: 52povodu 17: 52ne worth 17: we 53potomu 17: 55my not win certain 17: 57obstoyatelstv we only themselves 17: 59razrushen 18: 00my not go against this definition 18: 03kak as defined above, we 18: 06potomu Dripe of-pier 18: 08on to say the glory and not say 18: 11nichego God foolishly and spoke about the bomb 18: 13verno 18: 14tak share of trouble and what is not said and st 18: 17OH told my wife you're talking like one 18: 19iz crazy 18: 20pochemu he said so because it 18: 22predlagala lose God 18: 24yakoby see how turned 18: 25obstoyatelstva and it said 18: 28chto you sound like one of the foolish 18: 30neuzheli we will take selection 18: 31tolko good 18: 32ot words will not accept 18: 34ya seriously committed to this worth 18: 36mozhet may be different 18: 39situatsii 18: 40ya only for themselves within a couple where only 18: 42vozvrat even one person spoke at 18: 45nego died very adult and the 18: 47edinstvenny son 18: 48on went outside grabbed his head 18: 50govorit markets now account chichas 18: 51budu praise God 18: 53to have a man on the verge of a walk that 18: 55on risks 18: 57on circumstances can not change it 18: 59mozhet be 18:59 just accept them as Will this 19:02 happened had 10 children died 19:07 look at the way the Bible says Belov 19: 09smotrite at the end of Perov under the visitor 19: 12posmotrite a man could end 19: 15proyti such serious tests 19: 17svoey life 19: 18posmotrite 19: 19konechno we can say he has a very 19: 21slavny end

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